Detailed Discord Rules

Probably obvious, but rules not listed here still apply if they're on Discord's ToS or Guidelines.

We don't want any trouble from Discord staff, and neither should you. Please keep that in mind.

1. Don't frequently bait or troll.

• A joke is funny until the person tells you to stop. At this point, you're making them uncomfortable.

• You cannot claim someone is baiting or trolling you unless you've let them know to stop.

• Please use Discord's spoiler tags when necessary if sharing spoiler content. Otherwise, it's bait.

• Discord's client-sided mute feature should not be teased toward users. This is a form of bait.

• Users that immediately break rules after joining the community (raiders) are considered trolls.

2. Don't be a nuisance to our community.

• Any problematic user (multiple reports) can be vote-banned by council, if a vote is started by an Admin.

• Don't attempt to "steal" users by encouraging them to leave and join your community instead.

• Don't set your name/channel to things that are meant to offend a user, or spam.

• Do not impersonate a community member's online persona for self-gain or to bait/troll.

• Lynching in any shape or form is not allowed. Do not gather groups of people to participate in lynch-style activities to target individuals. Those involved in lynching are a nuisance to our community.

• Mass DMing our Discord members advertisements or shock material, will get you banned.

• Don't harass/ridicule users over server votes. Let them play out in a fair manner.

3. Don't abuse power.

• You need to be an Admin or have permission from an Admin to create a council vote.

• Server vote exploiting/counter-voting, AKA voting [and][or] gathering groups to vote in defiance of a group/user, is not allowed. Server votes should be from the voter's own opinion/decision. Not for an alternative agenda.

• Any complex abuse of power will be investigated and judgement passed by the Admin team.

4. Don't attempt to bend or go around these server rules.

• Use common sense. If you think it's wrong, don't do it. Don't look for rule loopholes.

• Don't nitpick rules or attempt to diminish the severity of rulebreaking.

These next set of rules don't apply to private user voice rooms.

Managers of these voice rooms must classify these rules at their own discretion.

5. Don't spam on purpose.

• Being loud in voicechat counts as spam. Staff may mute, force-push-to-talk, or ban you in some cases.

• No text/voicechat that consists of foreign languages aside from English are permitted.

6. Don't play music outside of music rooms or player-owned rooms.

• Only one Discord Bot/User at a time shall be playing music in a music room. First start first play.

• If a user is playing music, a bot will bypass their authority to play music in a music room.

• Users can play instruments in a music room. Keep in mind a discord bot can bypass them at any time.

7. Don't be disruptive in a public room.

• Take arguments to a private room. Debates are allowed as long as those involved are respectful and calm.

• Constantly interrupting users as they're speaking in voicechat is considered being disruptive.

• If a group of users in a public general voice channel are playing a game and being disruptive towards users not participating in that game, they must leave that room if asked by a user being disrupted and go into a game room/private room.

• If you have a user muted, do not ask other users what that user is saying. This is disruptive toward other users in that channel and forces them to become involved in unnecessary drama. If you want to know what they're saying, un-mute them yourself.

8. Don't use voice changers or soundboards in public rooms.

Rule Nullification

If a user breaks a rule, as long as everybody within the constituting area (voice room) is okay with that rule being broken, then essentially all then rules broken are nullified until a complaining/reporting-party is present, or report later filed.

This does NOT mean that you can break rules first and ask questions later. Use this information at your own discretion, but if you misuse it or abuse it, the punishment is your own fault.